A quick short about a military interrogation gone wrong.

I made this when I was a student at Grand Valley State University in 2008. It was actually shot right on campus, in one of the ravines behind the dorms. I met up with Campus Security to discuss bringing prop weapons on campus. So we didn’t scare the general population, they had me put up signs around the area explaining that we were filming.

Shot with a Canon HV20.
Written, Directed, Edited by Brian MacCready
Camera and Costumes by Alex Roberston
Special Effects by Remington Markham
Starring Brian MacCready, Jake Krengel, Greg Galica, and Josh Morrison

I consider this video a great success. When making this, I was a frustrated student being assigned boring projects. I made this outside of class, but I consider it a bigger learning experience than anything I learned at GVSU. I am very happy with the length of the final cut, as I know that most people’s attention wouldn’t last through much more of the dramatic build-up.

This video was screened in front of a hundred or so people during a GVTV Showcase, and I was going crazy with anxiety until the moment the “Where’s Waldo” book is shown. The roar of laughter came at the perfect time and I was very happy to hear the praise afterwards.

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