Philip Bloom posted a video in August 2012 where he set himself a challenge. The exercise was that he gave himself 10 minutes at one spot without moving his tripod around to get as many varied shots as he could. He could move the camera around by panning, tilting and zooming, but that was it. You can see the video that came out of his experiment here:

I really liked the idea of it and I made a mental note to try something similar at some point. I finally decided to head out and give it a try, returning to the canoe launch area at the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area. Instead of a 10 minute challenge, I gave myself 15 minutes to shoot because I knew I'd need a bit more time to get the number of shots I typically need for a 2-3 minute video. (Not every shot's a keeper and I overshoot on each video I do.) Other than than the time I allowed for myself, the same rules applied to me. The tripod would be locked down to one spot, but I could pan, tilt and zoom.

When I got on location, I picked a place where I thought I could get a bunch of varied shots and marked it with a big X in the snow. I grabbed my gear out of the car, setup on the X and hit record for 15 minutes non-stop, looking to capture what I saw around me.

Keep watching past the end slate when the video's done. I included the original footage, which was sped up from 100x to 1500x to compress it down to one minute. It gives an idea into what catches my eye when I go out to film, and you'll see some of the shots that didn't quite make the grade for this video.

If you've tried this exercise, post a link to your video in the comments below! I'd love to see what other people have come up with.

Filmed on my Canon XA10 on March 2nd, 2013. Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 and graded with MBL.

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