Working with NLS is always a privilege - great dudes with an important message. "Pride Fighter" touched on this in a visual sense, but we wanted to push it further with the follow up music video and make the narrative speak a little stronger. NLS's voice touches many and we wanted the narrative in "Dead Weight" to do the same.

VISUAL : The lighting and colour grade used for the band performance creates the sensation that this location is a positive place / a safe haven. The scene is vibrant, with nice use of saturation, clean imagery and blinding lights (a metaphor for the "white" light / salvation). This juxtaposes nicely to the sterile, lifeless looking imagery scene in the narrative cutaway scenes, presenting the audience with a bleak, depressing vision.

TRIVIA : The man asleep in the tattooed female's bed is HNIM's resident, Mark Fahey.

Never Lose Sight's second official music video "Dead Weight" from the album:
Available through itunes, bandcamp and independent music stores

Produced by Dan Field - Studio 454 Brisbane Australia
Mastered by Joey Sturgis - Foundation/Rise

Edited & Directed by D.O. Blackley for
Cinematography by D.O. Blackley & Mark Fahey

Thank You to the Brisbane City Council.
Lighting by AU Music Management.

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