Warning: may cause dizzyness.

Rationale: I had all these video clips in my iPod (taking up space) so I decided to actually use them. Thus this montage.

Majority of the clips used were from the Nortfield Prom and Prism Modeling rehearsals :))

Locations (in order of appearance):
Regis Center
LSGH (Valentine's Day Rehearsals)
AHS (Frontier Day 2, Pepsident Trailer Filming Day, Bluelapolooza Auditions)
MCHS (Intrams Day 3, Teacher's Day Celeb)
Andrea North Clubhouse (Northfield JS Prom)
Ninoy Aquino Stadium (43rd WNCAA)

People (In no particular order):
Ysay and Jannina
Models of Prism
Northfield JS
Dea, Kate, Yel, Alexis, Andrea and Chast
Aly, Gicelle
Coleen and Four Ten '13
Robbie, Iggy, Jonathan, Gaston and Mocha
MCHS Sophomores
Frankie and Camille
Nina, Rocio
Gyle, Paolo, Bob
Kating, Mernand

All the clips used are filmed using my iPod Touch 5.
I own them ALL :))

Song used is Fade Into Darkness by Avicii (Albin Myers Remix)

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