This video is a series of VFX Breakdowns for some of my Visual Effects and Compositing work.

Film Credits:
Smoke Patrol - (dir) Matt Lewis - Motion Tracked a photoshopped version of the hat to replace the existing logo. Also removed crew equipment from behind a character by Separating the layers and recreating a new background image to motion track over it.

Broken Hearts - (dir) Anoosh Varda - Green Screen. Simply dropped footage into the green screen after keying the original shot. Color correct was needed to make it fit seamlessly.

The Gay Boys of Rm708 - (dir) Zach Moore - Composited the characters together and color correct so thy would match. Also recreated "Mario Kart" and dropped it onto the Tv screen.

Fightin' Ties - (dir) Jeffery Morris - Took JPEGS and animated them into a mini "star war".

Big Fishes - (dir) Zach Moore - Broke down a still from the film "Big Fish" and animated it in 3D space in After Effects.

Dinny the Dino - (dir) Jeffery Morris - created this mini scene with JPEGS and a pre-made 3D T-rex video file.

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