So it took us a little bit longer to get episode 4 up and running and the weather wasn't helping. We had one day to film some powder, that was on a saturday and had been our first pow day in a month. The lines were fucking insane. A couple days of off and on sun and we even filmed in the straight up rain to get shots before this next edit dropped.

The filming is loose and so is the riding but that just shows how fun it is to ride with these hooligans. Regardless, we had a great time filming for episode 4 and the rain day was probably one of the funnest days all year. One of those, "It's so shitty that it's funny" kind of days.

Might I add that "Snowboarding's favorite Skier", Lucas Wachs is featured in this edit! We got him on his board and guess what? He delivered.

Crack a beer and enjoy.

Song: Motorhead by Motorhead

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