Post Production Workflow Demonstration
If you've ever been on a photo shoot with me, then you know it can be a lot of work. Anywhere between 2-5 hours on average and even longer depending on the number of people or wardrobe changes. But the real work begins in post production. Consider this; I can spend half the time of the whole shoot just on "1" photo, and when it comes to adding special effects I've never done before I have to research and practice the process and that can take all day (ie. light sabers). When I'm reviewing a cosplay shoot, I consider a couple of things. I begin working with the best photos from the shoot and start disqualifying photos immediately (I assume everyone does that lol). My selections aren't always the best cosplay, it could be the photo that has the most potential. Most importantly, this work represents 'my portfolio', so if you see only a few or 'no' photos from our shoot together, it's most likely because I'm not happy with the results and I'm not going to post them- it certainly wasn't the intention, if we work together in the future we can always try again. Most often I'm not happy with something I did or didn't do. Every photo I post is a representation of my ability or lack thereof, therefore I have to be proud of the work to display it. People hire me for commercial photography, and they select me for their assignment based on my work, my portfolio. This Workflow time lapse will explain the time and meticulous effort that is put into every photo, therefore, you can understand what it takes to work on 1 single picture.

Compared to other photographs in my portfolio, this is a simple photo of Queen Amidala. There's no smoke, fire, lightning, light sabers, rain and so on, so the editing was as simple as it gets. And it took me about 1.25 hours. I've time lapsed this to show you what it takes to transform this photo from camera to finished product.

And a final disclaimer to all the Photoshop Gurus out there. I know enough about Photoshop to get the job done. I'm probably not the most efficient with my methods, so politely reserve comments. The point of the exercise is not to grade my Photoshop skills, it's to demonstrate how long this process takes, using my methods.

A special thanks goes to the cosplayers who have shared their time and brilliance with me to help make these moments possible. And thanks to everyone who has liked and shared 'our' work.

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