His Green Plate
2013 / 7 min / 1.33:1 / 16mm

A group of four sit between two adjacent diner booths whose cutlery and condiments mirror themselves; a single green plate rests idle while prophetic and ideological conversations lead us through themes of sky-rise balconies, wart-cures, and what it’s like to be a logician…

Shot in a North-End Halifax diner, “His Green Plate” utilizes the cyclical vantage created when crossing the traditional axis of shooting composition. Documenting the live-dialogue between three friends, the filmmakers empty booth seat, dinner plate, and analog audio recorder shift in and out of the frame, contributing to the invisible force of creator and ‘plot’ as a discreet narrative.

Dir./DOP: Chris Boni
Starring: Mitchell Wiebe, Aaron Weldon, Nadine LaRoche
Poster Foiler: Sandy Plotnikoff
Special Effects: Zak Tatham
Tape-Casette Digitizing: Moshe Rozenberg

Rental from L.I.F.T
Processed @ Niagara Film Lab
Scanned @ Frame Discreet


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