In early Winter quarter at Foothill College, students from 2 sections of the Accelerated English 1T course met up with 3 student co-inquirers from Chabot College. 3 rooms were created--Past, Present, and Future. The students moved between the rooms, sharing their perspectives around 3 topics--Community, Literacy, and Critical Thinking.

This movie captures some of what they had to say....

This movie was created by Acceleration in Context student co-inquirers Karina Contreras, Skye Ontiveros, and Adriana Sanchez-Pillot.

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Do we meet often enough?
Do we have a space to meet?
How do we serve a wide variety of student profiles?
How can we be intentional and inclusive of all of us?

Aligning our programs on behalf of our students:
What needs to be put on the table in our to accomplish this?
What discussions need to be had?

Mix it conduct this thought experiment….potluck yerselves

(the secret sauce in what is cooked are the students)

--what are some of the hot debates in our world??

Hot Debates:
Student Behavior/Attendance/16 year olds who don't have the maturity to …
Readiness issue (debate among ourselves, debate in our own heads, debate with our students)
Do you think it is better for student to take another quarter or to move ahead and feel overwhelmed? What metacognitive strategies would help students handle the overwhelmed? Learning "environments" help students become learners so they can handle overwhelmed.
Linked classes would really help
How do you bring student voice, paraprofessional into the discussion

Topics we would need to work on to help our teaching and programs be best:

Blending of Skills--blend all skills in all courses; include HD101 in all of our courses (if a student is in a grammar class all the other skills are invoked, nothing taught in isolation)
Implement a mid-quarter exit gateway, proof of readiness
Streamlining updating curriculum
How do we work positively with
Have a "common vision" across the departments, include the students in coming up with the vision; knowing where are students are now and what are they capable of,
Need to focus on the NOW, bring it back to the present would accelerate their learning
We don't even know what each other is doing, in a non-threatening way, don't know the expectations--when is somebody ready
How do WE know when a student is ready? What are our own assumptions about readiness? If we communicate we can get a consciousness of "Ok, they are good to go." We need to enlighten one another--cohorts, portfolios… Oh my gosh,
Is there a will toward asking more of your students
Is there a will toward finding out that our pathway doesn't make sense?
Ask the student who survived our pathway, …
Something I threw out: that I have to teach a new skill every class,

Now What: how can we support one another to move forward...find a way to observe...field trip to other class…

The Readiness is All…

Readiness to Vision
Use the student voice work over the summer to open up the question,

Mini-headed Hydra: Susan, Darlene, Carol, Alison, Becca, Lee, John

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