A feature report produced for M.A.D Investment Solutions, an Ulaanbaatar based private research and investment firm in August 2012.

The Great Gobi Growth Trail provides a comprehensive look into ongoing development in Umnogobi, Mongolia's largest province and the epicenter of the mining boom that contains some of the world's largest deposits of gold, copper and coal. Mineral wealth that has put Mongolia on the radar of multi-billion dollar mining firms and is spurring rapid changes to local economy and environment.

The journey starts in the provincial capital Dalazadgad to see what improvements and changes mining wealth is introducing and further on to the mining sites of Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi to collect perspectives from people who are both benefiting and losing out to mining development. The question remains, will exploiting Mongolia's minerals bring about greater good for the country's economy or irreversible damage to a fragile landscape with no concrete development for its people?

P.S: Real Estate is a primary focus of M.A.D Investment Solutions and so the report also looks into a slow but growing real estate market in Dalanzadgad.

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