I'd like to think that wedding videos serve as more than just a mean to remember a day love was celebrated in a grand setting, because more than just recording a series of planned events, it captures an important decision two people made to be joined as one for the rest of their lives, regardless of the state they may be in in the future. But when a storm comes passing through - and it most likely will - and leave two people wondering how they got where they are, I'd like to think that looking back at their wedding video will remind them of a promise to stand strong and plough through. Feelings may come and go, but promises last a lifetime. So, because of that importance, those promises should become the focus of their wedding videos. That's what I think, anyway... and that's why I like to center vows and official statements in the videos I direct. Well, that and pretty dresses. The bride apparently put a lot of thought into that, and sometimes it really deserves the spotlight.

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