Genuine Apen Brand Smart Pen for IPad IPhone - - USB Port

The Smart pen “Apen” digitalizes your notes directly from paper to your iPad, iPhone or Pc. This is the ultimate productivity tool during meetings or in school. Now you can simply use the “Apen” to literally write or draw your notes on an actual piece of paper with actual ink, have it scanned by the receiver, and then sent directly to your ipad or iphone in one easy step. Additionally, when the receiver is disconnected from your iPad/iPhone, your files will be stored on the receiver’s internal memory for later transferring to your PC or Mac. Another benefit is that the “Apen” can directly be used as a Smart pen for your iOS device when removing the ink from the pen.

Suitable for the classroom, office business presentations or home, this portable smart pen digitizer is the next generation computer accessory that you should definitely buy. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale tablet PC accessories, this Smart Pen is available on Make sure to visit our site and browse hundreds of other cool electronic gadgets.

At a Glance...

*Connects Directly to ipad or iphone and Uploads Notes
*Digitizes and Records up to 100 Pages of Writing/Drawing or Brainstorming
*Writes on Standard Paper with Included Ink
*Write on Photos and Share on Facebook, Flickr or via Email or MMS using Apps
*Up to 30 hours of smart pen use and 8 Hours of Receiver Use

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