Frank and honest discussion around suicide, a plea for help and a dramatic intervention on The Nutters Club this week.
To the onlooker, artist and musician Johnny Angel has it all – a handsome well-built man with a gorgeous smile, velvety smooth voice and gentle soul. But almost overnight Johnny’s world turned upside down when his mental health took some serious knocks.

When Johnny agreed to talk with Mike King on The Nutters Club neither of them knew where that conversation might lead. The unscripted and live show often takes the host and guest to unexpected places as they share their journeys – the heartbreaks and triumphs of living with mental health issues – and overcoming them. It is compelling radio television, and Johnny’s show is no exception.

Johnny Angel speaks from a very big heart on The Nutters Club

As Johnny’s story unfolds, a cry for help from a radio listener via The Nutters Club Facebook page comes in. Interrupting the proceedings host Mike King addresses the matter directly with co host, psychiatrist Dr David Codyre and Johnny also offering advice from a professional and personal perspective.

“Mike King‘s sensitive, compassionate and practical advice to a complete stranger solidifies his role as mental health mentor to the masses. Walking in the shoes of those affected by mental illness himself gives Mike a drive and an honesty that is the heart and soul of The Nutters Club” says producer Brian Holland.

“We tell like it is. People speak their minds about their minds in a non-judgemental atmosphere” adds series director Marcus Clayton.
Few people have the emotional integrity let alone the courage to talk openly about issues that have driven them to the edge. Johnny Angel breaks the mould. Together with Mike and Dr David Codyre, he takes us on an emotional roller coaster that will touch your heart and your soul.

“If you don’t feel a joyful tear trickle down your cheek after viewing this episode of The Nutters Club then quite simply you are not human. Thank you Johnny Angel for your kindness and consideration; more importantly thank you for reminding us what the essence of being alive means,” says Boris Sokratov of the Mental Health Foundation.

Johnny’s episode exemplifies what The Nutters Club is all about. By sharing his own story in a friendly environment, he doesn’t sensationalise his plight, and the show brings to light someone’s story that would not otherwise be shown to a wide audience.

Part of The Nutters Club exercise is to de-stigmatise mental health discussion by talking to the people who experience it firsthand. It is not fast-cut or rushing to quick conclusions, but allows someone to speak their mind, about their mind so that others know that they and their families are not alone and that there is hope, support and encouragement for them.

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