Argument of Movement - 3 - Point/Counterpoint
High-Intensity Knife Training for Real Combat

Nobody in his right mind wants to get into a knife fight. But when you're faced with a lethal force situation and the only weapon you have is your trusty folder, you have to know how to use it. In this no-holds-barred video production from Paladin Press, master martial scientist Joseph Simonet has taken his street-proven Argument of Movement form and made it even more effective by adding the blade.

Simonet's combination of in-your-face intensity and grim pragmatism shows you the true seriousness of fighting with a knife and how, if you want to survive, you can't just fight: you must act with skilled, lethal determination. This isn't an adaptation of previous material, but an evolution of combative technique that combines rhythm disruption, use of both edge and point, striking with the handle, vicious takedowns and pain compliance into a knife combat system suitable for any encounter requiring the use of deadly force with a blade. Don't think that just owning a knife makes you competent in its combat use: you have to train, and train properly. This video series teaches you how to do that.

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