Near Unison is series of works culminating in an installation that allows participants to visualize the harmonic relationships between them. It investigates the harmonograph; a machine that became popular as a 19th century parlour toy capable of producing beautiful drawings by mapping the relationship between two swinging pendulums. The oscillation frequency of the pendulums can be changed by modifying their lengths.

This film shows a prototype exhibited and used by mambers of the public at Kinetica Art Fair 2013.

The installation acts as a giant interactive harmonograph, with people taking the place of the weights of the pendulums. The title Near Unison is derived from the set of patterns that occur when the ratio of the two pendulums is very close to 1:1, as will happen when people of a similar weight use the interactive harmonograph. A future aim of the work is a large scale installation at Burning Man Festival in Back Rock Desert in the USA.

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