Artist Revenue Streams Presentation: Leverage

The latest presentation from FMC's influential Artist Revenue Streams project examines the topic of artist compensation and leverage. For some revenue streams, rates are disclosed and negotiated in public. In other instances, rates are set between private parties or behind closed doors. In what instances do musicians and songwriters have leverage over how much they are paid, and what can they do if they feel the rate is too low? Using qualitative and quantitative data collected as part of the Artist Revenue Streams research project, we will discuss the different types of income streams, and how much control musicians have over the rates, the paths by which the money flows, and how musicians and policymakers can work together to ensure fair compensation in the future. For more on the Artist Revenue Streams project, visit

Jean Cook - Director of Programs, Future of Music Coalition

This panel was recorded live in Washington, DC at New America Foundation on November 13, 2012 during Future of Music Summit 2012.

Event website:

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