For adventure photographer Chris Burkard, inspiration is ever present in the landscapes that surround him, yet always a challenge to capture. Most of the time, his work brings him to the ocean, where he photographs some of the world's best surfers in idyllic moments. To maintain a fresh perspective, Chris escapes to the mountains, in search of new angles and creative vision. As he says, "When your greatest passion becomes your job, you have to find other ways to fulfill yourself." In order to find the roots of what truly inspires you, sometimes you have to get as far outside of your world as possible and approach things from entirely new angles. That's how Chris Burkard chooses to #unfollow. How do you?

Directed by: Mike Parenteau, Nathan Garrison
Produced by: Nathan Garrison
Edited by: Mike Parenteau
Additional footage: Nathan Garrison

Water footage courtesy of Chris Burkard and Ryan Moss

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