We grabbed an opportunity to ride the unofficial enduro trails at Innerleithen before the Forestry Commission moved in to harvest. We were too late for Interstellar [ ;-( ] but we were able to do an evening's filming on Prospacker.

Local riders, David Hodgson and Fraser Glass slip and slide their way down the steep muddy trail with a single light each. The only extra light was from anothe Full-Beam light mounted to the cable cam for those 3 shots.

Filmed and edited by Marc Crowley using a GH2 running Canis Majoris Night hack firmware and a single Panasonic 20mm Pancake Lens. A DIY Steadicam and Ghetto Cable Cam saw some action but most shots were from a Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod.

Music courtesy of Animal King - Animal Love Featuring Lizzy Sawyer is released under Creative Commons Licence

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