Our family has never seen our restaurant as just a simple place to eat, but as a place from where we can share our Oaxacan culture as a whole with all of Los Angeles. We see the restaurant as our Guelaguetza to LA. The meaning of our name, reciprocity, defines who we are. And with the help of our Oaxacan brother and sister of Colectivo LaPiztola we hope to achieve just that with this exciting upcoming project.
Guelaguetza has commissioned Oaxaca-based street Artists Rosario Martinez and Roberto Vega of Colectivo LaPiztola to create a mural across our building down Olympic blvd. This project will begin on March 6th through March 13th and has already gained the support of many personal friends from the art community.
We would like to invite all of those reading this, to please visit our restaurant during the time of this installation, meet these wonderful artists, and allow us to share a little bit of our Oaxaca with you.

More on Colectivo LaPiztola
Born out of the 2006 social movement in Oaxaca, LaPiztola art collective has since risen in popularity and have quickly become one the most coveted artists in the Oaxacan street art scene. Their name, a play of words combining the Spanish words “lapiz” for pencil and “pistola” for pistol, demonstrates their guerilla approach to spreading their work. They have mastered the techniques of blending brightly colored screen patterns with masterful monochromatic stencils. La Piztola has exhibited in Million Fishes in San Francisco, Concreto 2 in Mexico City, and a one of a kind show at University of Michigan. The Guelaguetza mural across Olympic Blvd will be their first Los Angeles appearance.

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