We all have weaknesses. Weaknesses can be defined as any temptation that leads us to not trust God. It is these temptations that lead us into sin. Jesus desires to use our weaknesses as the platform to demonstrate His power. In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul understood this. Paul’s weaknesses lead him to dependence on Christ. This is why he didn’t try to hide or cover up his weaknesses. He brought his weakness to his Strength, Jesus. There are four things we must be willing to step into if we are going to bring our weaknesses to Jesus:

1. Recognize it; don’t deny it! (Paul didn’t hide or deny it; he brought it to the Lord.)
2. Seek; don’t settle! (Paul didn’t give in, He gave it up.)
3. Share it; don’t bury it! (Paul’s weaknesses were used as platforms for God’s power.)
4. Kill it; don’t coddle it! (His identity wasn’t in his weakness, they reminded Him of his identity in Christ.)

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