I programmed an ATtiny44A microcontroller, Using FabISP that I made in class and the Arduino software (version 1.0.3.).

After downloading the board files (so the Arduino IDE can talk to the ATtiny44A), I placed the ATtiny folder inside the Arduino folder (Arduino software>hardware>ATttiny).
Then I opened Arduino and I chosed ATtiny44A-external 20 MHz clock, 'cause I have an external 20 MHz resonator on the Hello Button + LED board, inside Tools>Board menu. I also selected my programmer, FabISP (Tools>Programmer>USBtinyISP), The last step was to burn the Bootloader (this configures the fuse bits of the microcontroller so it runs at 8 MHz).

Finally I was ready to upload a program in my ATtiny and I chose an example sketch inside the examples menu (File>Examples>Digital>Button)

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