Trying to push the limits of Element 3D in After Effects.

The model used had over 1 million faces & 3 million vertices, so obviously not the most user friendly model to be used in Element, but it is very much so possible. Everything was textured inside of Element as well, including a custom environment map to make the reflections look as sharp as possible. A floor was added to help sell the ambient occlusion and fog was added to get some falloff. The plugin ReelSmartMotionBlur was used for motion blur because it would also blur the environment reflections for added realism. A subtle grain effect was added to prevent color banding between the different shades of blacks. For the headlights, two point lights were set up in 3D space where the car's headlights were, Optical Flares was applied and set to track lights.

Computer Specs: 16GB RAM, 8 Core Processor, AMD Radeon 6850
Total render time was just under 1 hour.
Song: Midnight City by M83

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