Being made by film studio X-Factor Filmmakers
Writer/director Lauren Tracy (

Under a hot desert sun right and wrong are confused when a selfish girl feels true companionship with a moral girl who kills for the first time.


Noa: Cole Bernstein
(Modern Family, Criminal Minds)
Eli: Bruno Gunn
(Bad Teacher, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
Sienna: Elizabeth Brissenden
(Magic Mike)
The Arsonist: Leo Bleier
Spanish Voice Over: Maria Ortiz


Director: Lauren Tracy
Producer: Melanie Cruz
Cinematography: Zach Salsman
Editing: Lauren Tracy
Additional Editing: Leo Bleier
Sound Mixing: Vinny Mantraga
Costume: Kate Jones of RAD VINTAGE SHIT
Casting: Jocelyn Kelvin
Music Supervisor: Ben Crippin Taylor
Composer: Gordon Wimpress
VFX Artist: Corey Ryan
Color Correction: Leo Bleier
Title Design: Cambridge Design Group
Creative Director: Rick Tracy
Designer: Steve Dariotis
Photography: Nathan Noyes

Additional Music

"Looming" Written and Performed by Reza Safina
"Dark Days" Written and Performed by Reza Safina
Music via
"A Stranger Follows Me" by Ady Cohen
"Tapping At My Door" by James Bass

Special Thanks

Suzanne Bernstein
Ed Brashear and Staff at Buckshot Deli & Diner
Vanezza C. Cruz
Corey Hoffstein
Alex Tracy
Jody & Gordon Hoffstein
Sue & Rick Tracy
Joan & Rod Dundorf
Pam Goble
Jocelyn Kelvin
Samantha Zachrich
Bridget Colella
Elias Issa
Austin Ahlborg
Jason Perlman
Gary Hebert
Lisa Stacilauskus
Sharon Williams
Kathy and Dave Laake
OMEGA/Cinema Props

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