4 Cast Broadcasting's opinion (Or at least Nate's) on Podcast SEO
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Podcast SEO ("Search Engine Optimization") follows the same practices as traditional SEO. The only real aspect that differs podcast SEO from the traditional is iTunes and other podcast directories. These directories have algorithms, much like Google or YouTube does. These algorithms are unique to the platforms, thus for the most part, unique to podcast SEO.

In order to generate the RSS to submit to iTunes and other directories, the media must first be embedded onto a webpage. Since the media is being embedded onto a page, traditional SEO must be practiced in-order to make that page (and podcast) rank high in Google.

Thus, when gunning for organic Google discovery, podcast SEO is essentially onsite-SEO. Thus there really isn't much difference between the two outside of the iTunes algorithm.

At least that is my opinion....SEO's, please chime in!

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