Directed by Becky and Joe
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The new video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 'Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark)' by Becky & Joe poses a few very important questions. One of those questions is, "if an otherwise endearing puppet is creepily pleasuring himself to an unsuspecting naked lady puppet and we're all there to see it, is it really NSFW at all?" Why yes folks, it is. It most certainly is. Right off the bat, Becky & Joe set a darkly comic tone and introduce us to the star of the video, a compulsive masturbator in the midst of a voyeuristic peeping session. From there, it all gets weirder and weirder in his deceptively bright world, where a self-aware puppet lives out a very human existential crisis brought on by crippling embarrassment. You'll find yourself rooting for the little pervert as he goes on a quest to rid himself of his addiction, with the aid of an equally twisted therapist, a bit of unsuccessful horse painting and a bout of blancmange envy. But there's a bright side and by the end, Becky & Joe prove that ultimately, there's someone out there for everyone. Even adorable sleazy puppets.

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