This was filmed at one of Williamson County's first clubs. It's a great video for training purposes as you will see:
1. Club is held at a church and there are many folks from the church involved
2. The traditional Area Director is leading club music with two of his campaigner friends
3. Committee members are there and involved- even in the Dance Train
4. There are parents in the room
5. Capernaum friends are helping to lead the hand motions for club
6. Friends are celebrated after participating the Game and Mixer with "You da Man/Woman" time
7. They filled some time with a good old fashion Capernaum Dance Party
8. Leaders are very engaged with their Capernaum friends
9. Some strategic decisions have been made since this is a team mostly new to YL. No program characters at first because the staff member wants her team to learn how to do the basics of YL well before they are spending time thinking about outfits and accents.

and so many more. Enjoy the chance to "come and see" Capernaum!

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