Footage de las sesiones "D Minor" por Mario Navarro en Tropel Recording, Monterrey, NL., febrero de 2013.

Someone could say: "Stars are amazing"
There's something in her eyes that always amazes me
And all of these feelings can't just go away
We may still be in time to realize we're made for each other

Sittin' all alone at night with a microphone stand
Loneliness begins to feel familiar, phrases fade away
I'm sure that I wasn't wrong
And if love was not enough, then I'll find a way to please you

I can make up for ev'rything
We can make our love strong

Don't be afraid
Things won't be like yesterday

The love, the laughs and all the tears we shed
The Hollywood days we spent, and all the songs that we wrote
I'm pretty sure that patience will pay it's reward

Don't be afraid
Things won't be like yesterday

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