The Bible provides a direct mandate to be caretakers of the garden (Gen 2 v.15).
While creation still belongs to God, he has graciously entrusted it to our care and
stewardship. This was our first calling, recorded early on in Genesis 1 and 2, and we
remain God's caretakers over all creation today.

Tending to Eden, by Scott Sabin

Serve God, Save the Planet, by Matthew Sleeth

Saving God's Green Earth: Rediscovering the Church's Responsibility to Environmental Stewardship, by Tri Robinson

Earthwise: A Guide to Hopeful Creation Care, by Calvin DeWitt

Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for our Planet, by Jonathan Merritt

True North: Christ, the Gospel, and Creation Care, by Mark Liederbach

Our Father's World: Mobilizing the Church to Care for Creation, by Edward R. Brown

Evangelical Environmental Network


Creation Care Study Program

Restoring Eden

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