elSage Designs is the company of Phoebe Carpenter Eells. A former middle school teacher, Phoebe now designs, carves and prints all of her work by hand. Art and apparel are all printed entirely by hand with environmentally friendly materials.

This video shows the in depth process of that each design goes through. Phoebe sketches out her designs on paper, often taking months or years to get a piece just right. After a sketch is worked up, the image is transferred to the block and then carved. A series of test prints help to see show how the image is coming along.

This video shows the transfer, carving, test prints and printing apparel. See Phoebe's two boys make cameo appearances during the video.

This video, like much of Phoebe's process-video work was created with over 700 photos linked together. This stop motion style gives a unique vibe to the documentation process.

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