An excerpt from 'While We Are Human', an hour-long interactive performance experience.
Produced by Sapience Dance Collective at the Tashiro-Kaplan building in Pioneer Square, Seattle, in July 2012.

Directed by Victoria Jacobs
Sets by Willow Fox
Music by Nathan Seder
Costumes by Amy Weaver
Dancing by Victoria Jacobs, Sarah Seder, Lilah Steece and Amy Weaver
Filming by David Verkade
Video Editing by Victoria Jacobs

Original concept for 'Earthbound' by Ariella Brown, with additional choreography by Leslie Hubbard.
Re-conceived and performed by Victoria Jacobs

While We Are Human, an interactive 360° epic 2 years in its creation, tells the story of a delicate
and distracted community of human animals. Connected and supportive at their best, petty and battling at their worst, this piece explores the range of human experience as the chimeric beasts struggle to live together in the confines of the urban jungle. The audience chooses their own point of view in this non-traditional performance space, with freedom to move around and to become part of the action. Original music, moving sets, and giant costumes transform the site into a dream-like world where birds dance with their shadows, the wind takes human form, and a fragile, moth-like woman emerges from a cocoon that is birthed out of a crack in the earth.

Earthbound, the introduction to the piece, depicts a woman who is both dirt, tree and human, waking up. It plays with the element of earth-time; time sped up shows mountains rising and falling, canyons splitting and filling, and volcanoes erupting.

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