HANTSAR, a Volunteer organisation based in Hampshire.

A group of dedicated and selfless individuals who give up their time, which often impacts on employment or family time, to find missing persons, be it in an urban, woodland or riverbank environment. They are made up of students, teachers, retired, self-employed, un-employed, ex-military, and a whole host of various characters. What they do is an intense and selfless thing, which we hope to demonstrate in 'We are Search & Rescue'. As well as showin what this collection of individuals do, we more importantly want to discover why they do it and how they have the strength of character.

This is a documentary being made by just Jamie Kemp and myself, and by having just the two of us we hope to get a more intimate and real portrayal of this organisation made up of everyday people doing extraordinary deeds.

Jamie and I are both producing and directing, with myself being the D.O.P and Jamie the editor, however he is also second camera op and i am also editorial assistant, so it really is a collaborative project. The music is written and performed by myself.

A massive thanks to HANTSAR for being so open and welcoming to us

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