My FX R&D reel made using Houdini 12. Most of these were tests for my upcoming thesis animation, "Dichotomous".

Here's the breakdown:

1. Procedural Cloud Tool
Allows user to plug in any static or animated piece of geometry to turn into a volumetric cloud.
The tool creates bulges, making the original piece of geometry resemble more of a puffy, cumulus cloud. A volume is created with full control of layering noise to achieve different looks. Also gives the user the option to flatten/smooth the bottom of the volume.

2. Volume Smoke Trail
Particles are emitted along the cross product of the curve. The particles are trailed so the volume is more full. Each particle has a different pscale and density value dependent on it's age so the smoke spreads and fades.

3. FLIP Viscoscity Tests
Experimented with simulating fluids with different viscoscities. Also mixed the viscoscities in one simulation by attribute.

4. FLIP Color Mixing
Post simulation color mixing was achieved by adding an attribute to each emitter and then using that as the range for the color bias in the color mix.

5. FLIP Custom Velocity Field
Interacting FLIP fluids with objects by creating a velocity field for the object and transferring it to the FLIP simulation.

6. Voronoi/HOT Fracture Splash
Created an ocean for "Dichotomous" that would shatter like glass. Started with HOT. Had to create my own custom velocities for the pieces to launch upwards like a splash. Created up normals and mixed with the spheres actual velocity to create variation. These velocities were then passed along to the fractured pieces. An additional debris system was created to fill in this surreal splash. Shattered a plane and wrote out each piece of debris which I fed back in and attached to a particle system.

7. Pyro Smoke Velocity
Interacting Pyro smoke with objects by creating a velocity field for the object and transferring it to the Pyro simulation.

8. Pyro Smoke Wind
Created a volume of velocity attributes in one direction (w/ curl noise) to represent wind. Passed that along to the Pyro solver.

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