One truth in our industry is that we spend most of our time in front of computers chasing deadlines. Lots of pressure. Fortunately, the rest is usually fun, especially when we are on-the-spot with our cameras.

Last week, we shot two big events for a client. We had more than12 hours of shooting on our back, with more than 500 guests having fun: We moved around, blended in the crowd with the camera always ready to shoot the best moments of the night. We worked our best, but at the same time, we enjoyed it like everyone around. Specially knowing that the show was coming to an end. Then it was time for Jose to show some dance move with the promoters!

How do you celebrate when the deadline is over? We dare you: show us your moves!

Music on this video:
"Nuff Stickers" by Kidkanevil & DZA (

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