NEPO 5k Don't Run is an unusual art work. I meant to write art walk, but as we all know sometimes typos can be meaningful, expressing that which is lurking just behind the veil of consciousness. So I will go along with the idea of art walk being a work of art. Art is indeed hard at work during this one day only event, inviting participants - as well as people who stumble upon it by chance - to question everything they encounter along it's 5 kilometer route winding through a diverse urban terrain from Seattle's Beacon Hill to the International District. On a beautiful sunny Saturday of September 8th 2012 NEPO 5k Don't Run hopped and stumbled into existence for the second year in a row (for those who don't know: due to safety reasons and city permit limitations, we are allowed to do almost anything, except run. Hence we usually hop, skip, crawl, jaunt, hobble, trek, stumble, trot, moonwalk, walkabout… into action). Artists installed and/or performed over 50 projects along the ordinary city streets, in garages, pagodas, in the grass meadow along a bike path, below the bridge and under a freeway underpass. People who came along encountered art outside. Outside means outside the box and also outside the context, and this is where I think the dynamic relationship between art, artists and participants is the most visible: every one us on this journey through space and time has to create our own context for works of art, as well as encounters with life. The experience is both communal and personal.

If artwalking was an artistic discipline I would describe it as an equal mix of land art (or site specific art, in today's terms) and a city-wide happening ALL MULTIPLIED and repeated by tens or hundreds or more, because it simply takes a lot. A lot of time, collaboration, head scratching, talking, walking and making by many, many people. I would like to thank all the artists for their beautiful creations and to my curatorial collaborators Sierra Stinson and Zack Bent for pulling it all together, not throwing in the towel and going all the way to the sweet end.

Participating artists:
Nathaniel Russell // Lindsey Apodaca + MKNZ // Ruth Marie Tomlinson + Taylor Pinton // Matthew Hilger + Whitney Ford-Terry // Rumi Koshino // Erin Elyse Burns // Graham Downing + Max Kraushaar // Vis-a-Vis Society // Britta Johnson // Zack Bent + Roberto Carlos Lange // Julia Freeman // Virginia Wilcox // Glenn Herlihy // Hanita Schwartz + Meital Katz-Minerbo // Alice Gosti + Monica Mata Gilliam // Leanne Grimes + Brandon Aleson // Serrah Russell // Ken Turner // Seanjohn Walsh // Sarah Galvin + Riley Christensen + Willie Fitzgerald // Maggie Carson Romano // Eric John Olson // George Rodriguez // Anne Blackburn // Julia Haack // Kate Clark // Stephen Sewell // Nat Evans + Chris Kallmyer // Aaron Asis + Anna Koosmann // Chris Buening + Seth Damm // Lauren Max // Fictilis // C.M. Ruiz // Ye-Ye Collective // Jose Bold // Paul Komada // Nicholas Nyland // JD Banke // Keeara Rhoades // Andrew Peterson + meadow starts with p // A K Mimi Alin // Andy Fallat // Allyce Wood // Diana Falchuk // NKO // Eric E. Aguilar // Baso Fibonacci // Joanna Lepore // Devon Midori Hale // Manifold Motion // Jennifer Zwick // Rodrigo Valenzuela // Amanda Manitach + Timothy Rysdyke // Interstitial Theatre

Curators: Klara Glosova, Sierra Stinson and Zack Bent.

Organized by NEPO House. More information at

Video by Brad Vanderburg.

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