There is something about love that makes us all stop and wonder. It often catches us off guard, when we least expect it. The kind of love that we really all deserve and desire. A love that has no conditions, bounds, or expectations. A love that is unexpected, colorful, and beautiful.

Danny and Lauren have a love worth sharing, and yet when the word itself seems so overused, the life and color they possess together gives the word new meaning.

The truth about love is that it can't come from within, at least to begin with. It must come from the only person who can fully love. The kind of love that Lauren and Danny share is one that first comes from God, where both of them know that they are fully loved and accepted by their maker. This permeating truth gives them the mmmph to wakeup in the morning and love each other, and will continue to grow their marriage for years to come.

I adore this couple, and telling just a part of their story is an absolute joy to me.
I haven't been in the wedding scene as much over the past year, and so my heart was so overjoyed to make this film.

If it speaks to you or inspires you or if you know someone could use a little taste of love, pass it along!

Big thanks to Ben Winchell for coming along to tell the story with me. I always love having Ben to get creative with and appreciate the hard work he puts into composing images. Check out his stuff at (

Music licensed through Marmoset Music and Withetiquette:
"Mile Marker" by Amy Seeley

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