Another violent thunderstorm in Pearland, Texas on August 12, 2009.

During wind peak rain was not intense, which minimized the visual impact of how strong the gusts actually were. To see the difference between extremely heavy rain and light rain during a high wind event, see July 18, 2009 video of severe thunderstorm at same location- vimeo.com/5724974.

Because of the intensity, was unable to video during height of storm which was 5 minutes after this was shot. Wind produced local damage to trees, fences and roofs.

Horse trailer was moved over 30' from it's concrete pad with NO damage to pasture indicating it was picked up possibly by a small tornado. Trailer cover seems ok in video, but was completly shredded on the other side. A beautiful rainbow stands out against the still dark sky at the end of the event.

Peak Wind Gust - 77 mph
Sustained Wind - 50+ mph for approx. 10 minutes
Rainfall - 1.36" in 25 minutes

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