Here's blog 2 folk's,

I think this would come after the first one time wise?? Judging on who it's about I think it would be around my final years at school so I reckon 1993ish.........Yep I'm that young. Around that time I was listening to Hendrix, The Doors, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell among other stuff and obviously mainstream bands were Pearl Jam and so on so I guess that infected my writing a bit.

This track had a nice bass line I'd written for it in an Omar: 'There's Nothing Like This' kinda style. Perhaps sometime I'll get someone to sit in and play bass?? Perhaps sing the harmonies.

Anyway like I said on the previous blog please feel free to comment, I don't seem to be able to generate comments......not even bad ones so tell me it's crap if you think so:) It'd be nice to get some feedback.

I'll keep firing them out though, damn there's plenty of songs in my back catalogue so this could go on for a while. I'm looking forward to putting these tracks out there whatever the case as it's nice to document them together for the first time.

Hope you enjoy it. The next will be a track I had named 'Country Queen' Country as in out in the sticks not the music genre. I think I may change it to 'Tired Eye's' though which is one of the lyrics in the chorus.

Kris Buckle

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