Hafiz and Azurin, what can I say about them? They are a LOVELY couple. Always teasing each other and laughing. Being with them means fun, you won't get bored. There's always a funny story that needs to be told each time we lepak together.
The first time I saw them was during a photoshoot session, where Hafiz was the photographer and Azurin being the model of the day. It was 'Love at first sight' I guess. They clicked from that moment onwards.

Hafiz is like a big bro to me. He shares everything and always seek advice from me. Whatever he does, he asks my opinion first. Whenever I'm in need of help, he is there to lend a helping hand, without hesitation. We were business partners since 2009 and have accomplished many milestones together. All the ups and downs we went through them together and never doubted each others capabilities. Never had a friend like this in my life.

This pre wedding video is my present to him. I collaborated with Mr Shutterclick (Ezzaidy), who came up with tonnes of great ideas and superb art direction. I came in to support the video shoot and post-process.

Your life is over bro.. HAHA just kidding! You are about to venture into days and days of wonderful moments together. It's beautiful, trust me bro!
To Azurin Sani, the future wife, take care of him yeah! Don't let him off your sight. He's naughty. Haha.

RSVP to their wedding facebook.com/events/193735227435279/


Director/Director of Photography:
Mr Shutterclick (Ezzaidy)

Camera Assist/Lighting:
PLAY Studios
Raymie Jay
Sofia Zaza Zakaria

Mr Shutterclick (Ezzaidy)
PLAY Studios

Fotografia De Lyzard

Song by, Anuar Zain - I'm the Lucky One
is the Copyrighted property of it's Owner(s).

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