Three roommates banter and share experiences over takeout food and appetizers.

This short film was filmed, written, and edited in 24 hours as a participant in the 2012 T24 Project at the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival ( The topic question that year asked how cinematic genres can work to expose and deconstruct the myths and ideologies surrounding an urban cityscape such as Toronto.


Alex Chung as Winston
Elena Lau as Angela
Lester Calleja as Devon

Director - Philbert Lui
Writers - Lester Calleja & Philbert Lui
Cinematography - Tai Lam
Editor - Philbert Lui
Sound - Eva Ho

Our entire Heroic Melon team:
Lester Calleja, Alison Chan, Alex Chung, Eva Ho, Rebecca Kang, Kevin Lam, Tai Lam, Elena Lau, Philbert Lui, Imelda Nurwisah, Reuben John A. Tumanguil, Shirley Vien

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