Song: Molly by Tyga Feat. Wiz Khalifa
Choreography by Lineen Doung

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twitter : @DARKxDance
Facebook : Dark Company


Allie Laliberte (RIGHT 1, Toronto)
Scorpio Gentles (RIGHT 1, Toronto)
Martine Castera (Montreal)
Solene Filion Danis (tha funz) (C4 Dance Crew, Montreal)
Marie-Elaine Patenaude (C4 Dance Crew, Montreal)
Ken Southiseng (C4 Dance Crew, Montreal)
Anna zakharova (C4 Dance Crew, Montreal)
Giulia Tripoli (Tripoli Studios, Studio Owner, Montreal)
Mike Malagisi (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Alex Francoeur (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Dario Ace Rivera (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Tristan Cruz aka Trix (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Dana Raffoul (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Randi Liberman (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Carlin Le (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Traci Chedraoui (Tripoli Studios, Montreal)
Chelsea Lacroix (Ottawa)
Amy Amox Ng (Pulse N`Limited, Ottawa)
Jennalee Desjardins (Culture Shock, Ottawa)
Claude Charron (Culture Shock, Ottawa)

Thank you to all who came out to my workshops in Montreal and Ottawa! They were all so amazing, and the support was absolutely insane! You all learned something hopefully and you all definitly taught me something amazing :)


Special Thanks to Giulia Tripoli for allowing me to use her studio and location for the video

Facebook : Tripoli Studios
Twitter : @E3DanceStudio
Youtube : TripoliStudiosE3


Special Thanks to Axel Villamil for shooting and editing this video!

Twitter : @RedLabelStudios
Facebook : Red Label Studios
Youtube : redlabelstudios
Website :


Big Shout out to Brian Tong of StartUp Dance who contributed to this workshop tour! Big thanks! Will work with you again soon!

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