How do you tell a story with so much to say, so many characters involved and multiple narratives to expose?
Like most stories, we start at the beginning. Our involvement with the couple started when we got a random phonecall from Alan. He was in the middle of devising a plan to propose to Tet. It involved cameras - a lot of cameras!

Equipment like these were familiar to Tet, not the least out of place because Alan was in the media industry.
What Tet didn't know were the people crouching in the dark, behind closed doors, operating other cameras, recording very bit of the drama that unfolded.

The feel was voyeuristic but the raw emotion that was captured is unparalleled.

Fast forward six months later in the beautiful island of Mactan in Cebu.

There were exactly two weddings. The (a) official Catholic one for close friends and family the day before and the (b) ocean-side ceremony in Shangri-la. Cebu and Manila royalty were in attendance and the wedding could not have been any more grand.

Two weddings, a proposal, a beautiful reception and a ton of speeches. Let's weave the magic.

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