Cast: Aileen B. Cho, Sarah Pizer-Bush, Truc Thanh Nguyen, Latille "Tia" Phillips, Daniel Smith, Marissa Snoddy, and Alice Vasquez.

Directed by Alexis Lezin and Renée Emunah

Theatre for Change is a project of the CIIS Drama Therapy Program. The aim of the project is to educate and raise consciousness about diversity at CIIS (and beyond); to give voice and representation to people of color and LGBTQ people; to invite dialogue at CIIS about oppression, privilege, equality, and alliance; and to encourage our audiences to fight injustice on personal, institutional, and societal levels.

The project began in 2003. In Transit: Braking at the Intersections is the project’s 6th original production. In Transit was staged last year at the North American Drama Therapy Association conference (NADTA), at CIIS and at CounterPulse Theatre. Two past theatre pieces, Scene/Unseen, and Acts of Resilience, were also performed at NADTA conferences. Recently, NADTA honored the CIIS Theatre for Change with its Raymond Jacobs Memorial Diversity Award.

Theatre for Change performance pieces grow out of improvisation; methods of drama therapy, self-revelatory performance, educational theatre, and Theatre of the Oppressed; listening to stories within the group and in the Institute; and a lot of dialogue. Each original theatre piece is collectively developed by the troupe and director/s.

The Drama Therapy Program is committed to personal healing as well as social transformation. For more information about Theatre for Change, please contact the Drama Therapy Program office—(415) 575-6230, or e-mail Renée Emunah at For information on the Drama Therapy Program, please e-mail Jeff Aitken at

We are grateful to the MCJ Amelior Foundation for a grant in support of this Theatre for Change production. We are also grateful for the support of the CIIS offices of the Dean of Students, the Academic Vice-President, and Student Alliance. Special thanks to Shirley Strong and Monique LeSarre.

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