Science meets art in Craig Ward's kaleidoscopic short film announcing the release of "Immunity," the forthcoming album from multitalented producer Jon Hopkins. Craig adds an intriguing visual dimension to Hopkins' immersive soundscape, constructing vivid abstract forms from microscopic crystals captured in time lapse. The needle-like crystals were grown by biophysicist Linden Gledhill using food colouring, and the photographic process involved capturing 10,000 individual frames at up to 1000x magnification with the help of a microscope. The crystals will also feature on the "Immunity" album cover, which will also be designed by Craig.

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Director: Craig Ward
Produced by: Blinkart & Hornet Inc.
Exec Producer: James Stevenson Bretton
Producer: Cathy Kwan
Crystal cultivator/DOP: Linden Gledhill
Editor: R.J. Glass
Compositor: Shir Lieberman
Color Correct: Yussef Cole

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