What is it about Sweden these days? They've already produced so many, not only superbly competent musicians, but ultra stylish and heavily experimental ones too. I like it. That probably goes for Reykjavik and the other cities and tiny countries surrounding that Northern European frost. It's certainly an area of the world I'm dying to take a trek in, field recorders in hand.

Scott had brought me over to film The Deer Tracks inside their friends loft one morning. I was certainly diving into the unknown a little bit having spent over $2000 on equipment upgrades and not having a chance to test any of it before coming in to see this band. Not to mention it's been quite a few albums since I've last listened to their record The Archer Trilogy.

We were walking into an age-old dilemma again too. How do we record a more electronica band without much of the electronica part without eroding the essence of what makes them great? In the end, it had come down to Elin's secretly powerful voice that had such fantastic range as it dove down and rose up and dove down again with David's accompanying wails and the shrills of simple keyboard taps to recreate a makeshift version of their very unique and powerful sound.

Wanderer Session #83: The Deer Tracks
Music by The Deer Tracks
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Brooklyn, NY
March 2013

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