It was more than a year ago that I set my foot on One Fullerton with the thought to create some street photographs. Little did I know that I came back to this little space over and over again. Unintentionally, it became a series of candid photographs portraying the fascinating interactions between people.

Through the times that I photograph there, a thought strikes me as I realized how densely occupied the place was during weekdays. While the locals and residents are breaking their sweat at their workplace, these visitors technically rule the Fullerton. It was definitely an uncommon sight to see a local other than the Merlion and myself. Occasionally, I do see a local roaming around with lens as huge as my thigh. That'll be another story about him.

What kept me going was the surprises and my childhood interest in things cartoon-like. The visitors entertained me with their gestures, expressions and their overrated moves of 'carrying the boat' and 'drinking the Merlion's water' - if you know what I mean.

Photographer: Saifuddin Jalil,
Music: "Hey Now" by Red Garland

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