Here's how to get customers to buy from your website: Realize that engaging customers is NOT the goal. Instead, engagement is the BEGINNING. It's an open door to get customers to RESPOND to you.. to enter into a journey with you... a series of exchanges that guides them toward, or away from, what you're selling.

You see, most marketers and sellers using social media think of customer ENGAGEMENT as a goal. The finish line.

But that's not going to help you get customers to buy from your website. Here's what is:

Successfully engaging with customers is an opportunity to create RESPONSE from them. Actually selling on social media means being thought PROVOKER--not just a thought leader.

You've got to get customers to DO something--to begin a journey toward converting to a lead. Think of it this way: Are you giving customers a REASON to talk to you on LinkedIn? Are your blogs so bold they provoke readers to call or email you or sign-up for an offer?

Is whatever you're doing on social media provoking customers to contact you--so your sales team can help them more clearly understand the thought you just provoked?

You see, if you've got honestly new knowledge or a new product that can benefit customers in exciting, why would you just float your thoughts out there and hope to be dubbed a leader.. when you can GIVE customers a reason to act on the impulse your thoughts can create.

This way you get prospects to take action on doing something the need and want to do.. AND create a lead for yourself.,, and get customers to buy from your website.

Frankly, if you watch what I do in my business I'm always tempting prospects to trade their contact information for a better way.. or tips on avoiding risks. I'm teasing prospects into taking an action. For example, I like to reveal a small part of a hidden opportunity to them on my YouTube videos.

So, you can engage customers and HOPE that focused conversation gets going or you can cause it directly. It all starts with realizing engagement is NOT the goal. Think of it as the first step to creating RESPONSE. If you do you'll start making social media sell for you more often. You'll get customers to buy from your website more often!

I'm Jeff Molander.

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