Many fans of "StarWars" or "StarTrack" films remember a short episodes where Jedy or pilots play in something similar to three-dimensional chess. However even in the best fantastic serials computer chess was understood only as three-dimensional animated figures on a flat board. However the Ukrainian developers command "InCube Games" has presented revolutionary realization of classical chess for game in real three-dimensional space which is accessible to all Machintosh andl iPad, and And it will be done soon for Windows.
Chess InCube is a new stage in evolution of the classic chess game, which one is transferred in three-dimensional space. Overcoming limitations of two-dimensional classic chess, Chess InCube saves their traditions and fundamentals, but brings in a lot of new possibilities. The transfer of the game to the three-dimensional space is resulted to explosive increase the number of moves and variants of game course that brings to new tactical and strategic capabilities.
“When we say "Three-dimensional chess" – the initiator of the project speaks, – we do not mean "three-dimensional chessmen on chessboard", but we mean a chess program in really three-dimensional space (ChessCube). Two-dimensional game field in a frame X - Y (i.e. the chess board of 8x8 cells) is extended in the third measurement (the axes Z is added). So the game field is converted into game space, in a cube, which consists of 512 blocks-"cells". The pieces, except for usual two-dimensional chess directions, can also move in directions, originating in new cubed space degree of freedom, completely preserving general rules of movement and interaction of ordinary chess pieces. That is in a vertical plane, or in vertical and horizontal planes simultaneously (i.e. on planes conducted through edges of "cells" in chess cube)”.
"The most important – was accentuate the main programmer – is fact that base versions of game really keeps the classical chess dynamism. Chess InCube keeps usual rules for figures moving and rates of chess players, who participate in the Game, but the amount of variations during the game is increased at least 10 times. It helps to avoid “theoretisation” and “ forecasting” that we have during a usual chess match. More complicated versions of game which we plan to realize in the near future, will contain battlefields up to four players in new three-dimensional battlefield. We hope that the World will play Chess InCube because it is really cool and innovative!”.
According to the developers, the practice has shown, that the beginners are completely mastered in the new reach and completely customizable game interface approximately for 10-20 minutes. In game it is possible to play both with the partner-person, and with the built-in robot, which has three levels of complexity.
Maybe transform of chess game in three-dimensional space is the most essential updating of this ancient game for last 1000. It is necessary to notice also that in professional chess players that participating in initial working out have given to game an appreciation.
Anyway, Chess InCube is really original game which is stand out on the usual game software background. It it is necessary to try to everyone who positions itself as the intellectual.
(Background music by Stive Morgan,, under Creative Commons license)

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