“The agency pitch process has hardly evolved since the birth of media agencies in the early 1990’s. Put another way, most consultants pitch templates are older than the internet. ”

The partners of ID Comms introduce our approach to helping brands design and manage great media pitches and agency reviews.

ID Comms is an media management company with offices in London and Singapore. We help brands improve the effectiveness of their investments in media and communications.

We are experts at Media Agency Pitches, Agency Remuneration and Media Management.


“58% of clients we surveyed recognise the need for a new type of pitch process” - ISBA

Sometimes a review of your media agency arrangements is necessary; perhaps because you want to consolidate agencies across markets, or you are changing your media requirements. So conducting them properly is critical to ensure you get the most value from the process.

Agency reviews can be disruptive to your business, so you need to know that the outcome will be worthwhile, the process well managed and that your maintain high levels of integrity and accountability.

ID Comms are experts in designing and managing the best media agency pitches. We have experience of managing over $8bn worth of media agency reviews in the last 10 years from the client, agency and consultant perspective. This makes us uniquely qualified to deliver a professional, productive and cost-effective media pitch process for our clients.

Over the years we have developed a real centre-of-excellence for pitch management - we are often brought in to help organise and manage the most complex media reviews, covering diverse markets, different business units or complex stakeholder structures. We appreciate that a media review is often just one part of a bigger change management project so they can be stressful times for the business.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take on much of the heavy lifting, protecting our clients from the complexities of a pitch and allow them to focus on the most important things; building strong relationships with their agency partners.

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