Audio e Video by Francesco Giannico


This work was made drawing from video recordings and audio samples made on Soratte mountain near the small town called Sant'Oreste north of Rome (Italy)

The galleries of the Soratte are galleries bunker dug into the mountain Soratte during the terrible fascist dictatorship.

In the video there is this sequence with hand-held camera a bit 'disturbing but equally impressive reminiscent away from the situation of the parturition. For these reasons, the title of the work is "rebirth." Today there's a real rebirth considering new use of the area.

In fact, these places can be visited thanks to the volunteer group that founded the Free Cultural Association Santorestese "Bunker Soratte"


An array of intricate, highly abstract and stimulating sound genealogies , a wide diversity of digital green field recordings sustained by solid chamber post-rocking ambiences—admiting warmer meditative inflections. A carpet of abstract minimal impressionism.

Francesco Giannico uses acoustic and electric guitars, synths, electronics, lloopp and computers.

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Francesco Giannico

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