‘Life on the Up’ is a short documentary about Cheng Jian Wen, who makes a living washing the windows of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, 474 metres above ground level.

Like almost one-third of Shanghai’s 23 million inhabitants, he is a migrant worker who was drawn to the city by the promise of better pay.

Despite his position on top of China’s gleaming trophy of capitalist success, he dreams of a simpler life in his hometown running his own small business.

Since filming of 'Life on the Up', Cheng Jian Wen has quit his job and returned home to pursue this dream.

Location: Shanghai, China (2012)

Director: Stephen Wright //
Producer: Isobel Yeung //
Cameraman: Liu Jia //

5D Mark II (50mm lens)
60D (10 - 22mm lens)
Go Pro Hero

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